Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day!!!

Happy Labor Day!!!  Heisey's Diner will be closed Monday Sept 4th in recognition of the Labor Day Holiday. Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

2017 All Stars Tournament

The date for the 2017 All Stars Tournament will be Sunday September 17, 2017. More details to follow but I wanted to get the date out to everyone. Stay tuned for updates!!


2017 All Stars Event

Event Date: September 17, 2017   Sunday

Where: Frog's Hollow Tavern, Jonestown PA
                          Frog's will be serving their full menu in addition to breakfast specials that have been so popular at our previous tournaments.

Time: Registration begins at 11am
           You MUST be on premises and registered, or have been in contact Tammy, no later than 11:45am      to participate.
           Late arrivals WILL NOT BE permitted to play unless previous approval is given 24 hrs in advance of tournament.

Qualifying dates: 5/1/2017 thru 8/17/2017, 8/23/17 & 8/30/17.

To qualify for this event you must meet one of the following criteria:

1. The top 42 players overall for qualifying dates
2. Players that have 2 or more wins overall within the qualifying dates
3. Win a Seasonal Venue Championship (Finals) at any venue for The Turn 2017

Here are your qualifiers:

Richard Boger               Jerry Reigel                  Tim Worsham
Bud Hissner                   Barb Anderson             Tito Rivera
Tom Kohr                      Scott Swisher                Janessa Mione
Jim Boyd                        Rand Lapp                    Michael Kauffman
Ed Ditzler                       Tim Bixler                    Don Gephart
Jim Neidinger                 Richard Crawford        Robin Cannon
Holly Purcell                  Matt Mahek                 Mary Shenigo
Marie Crawford             Justin Toto                    Dustin Stover
Ken Yarnall                    Ray Plummer               Walt Klein
John Shrewsbury            Don Robison                Gary Gardner
Tenna Hibshman            Steve Saksek                Russel Kinsey
Susan Robison               Kristin McLerran          Keith Harris
Sandra Pellegrini            Kevin McLerran           Mike Gardner
Jack Kohn                       Doug Howard               Larry Keefe
Brian Ray

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

End of regular season is Thursday August 17th

August 17 is the last night for regular points for 2017 The Turn!! (Regular points will continue to be earned at Hershey Italian Lodge through August 30th since finals were held previously),

Semi-finals (win your table) will be held at each venue (excluding Hershey Italian Lodge) from August 19 thru August 24 2017. If you have not made the top 10 at a venue, come out this week to WIN YOUR TABLE and earn a place in next weeks finals.

Finals will be held at each venue from August 26 thru August 31, 2017.

Below are your top 10 by venue. You cannot lose your spot!!

Frog's Hollow - Saturday

Ed Ditzler
Tim Worsham
jerry Reigel
Bud Hissner
Nancy Wenger
Jim Boyd
Anthony Wenger
Margaret Groff
Mike Cannon
Kristin McLerran

              Table winners:   Mike Koerner
                                             Ed Ditzler
                                             Rand Lapp

Heisey's Diner
Barb Anderson
Richard Boger
Tim Bixler
Bud Hissner
John Shrewsbury ** winner SVC
Tito Rivera
Mike Gardner
Scott Swisher
Joelle Thomas
Tim Worsham

            Table winners: Ray Plummer
                                         Ken Yarnell
                                         Sebastian Mystkowski

Frog's Hollow - Tuesday
Bud Hissner
Richard Boger
Tito Rivera. *** winner
Tim Worsham
Jerry Reigel
Tom Kohr
Barb Anderson
Tenna Hibshman
Jim Boyd
Mary Shenigo

         Table winners:  Justin Kopenheffer
                                       Barb Anderson
                                       Dustin Stover

Hershey Italian Lodge

Richard Boger - Winner   (finals already completed at a previous date)

           Table winners:

Frog's Hollow - Thursday


Tito Rivera  *** winner

            Table winners:     Sebastian Mystkowski
                                             Ken Yarnell
                                             Barb Anderson
                                             Ray Plummer

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hershey Italian Lodge

The Hershey Italian Lodge will continue to host our game for an additional 4 weeks.

Finals were held June 28th with Richard Boger winning a back and forth heads up battle with Matt Mahek. Great job gentlemen!

Points earned at The Lodge will continue to be put toward the All- Stars tournament. Any questions, please contact Tammy.

Holiday game schedule

In observance of the July 4th holiday, we will NOT be playing at
Heisey's Diner on Monday July 3rd or at Frog's Hollow on Tuesday July 4th. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Finals at Hershey Italian Lodge

Wednesday June 28th will be finals at Hershey Italian Lodge. Top 10 points qualifiers plus June 21st table winners will play in the finals.

Don Gephart
Matt Mahek
Justin Toto
Jim Neidinger
Richard Boger
Sandra Pellegrino
Doug Howard
Tom Kohr
Gary Gardner
Russell Kinsey

Debra Saksek
Jackie Miller
Scott Swisher
Ted Shambaugh
Jack John

A side game may be held if 8 or more players not in the finals come out to play. Side game is not guaranteed prizes.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hershey Italian Lodge Game

Due to the probability of this game ending, we will be holding semi finals (win your table) on Wednesday June 21st and finals on Wednesday June 28th. If the venue continues, points earned after July 1st will count towards the year end tournament.