Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Fling 2015

Event Date: 5/31/2015   Sunday after Memorial Day

Where: Frog's Hollow Tavern, Jonestown PA
                          Frog's will be serving their full menu in addition to breakfast specials that have been so popular at our previous tournaments.

Time: Registration begins at 11am
           MUST be on premises and registered, or have been in contact Tammy, no later than 11:45am     to participate.
           Late arrivals WILL NOT BE permitted to play unless previous approval is given 24 hrs in advance of tournament.

Qualifying dates: 1/1/2015 thru 4/16/2015

To qualify for this event you must meet one of the following criteria:
1. The top 42 players overall
2. Players that have 2 wins overall
3. Win a Seasonal Venue Championship (Finals) at any venue

 Listed below are players that have qualified for this event so far:

Barb Anderson                  Jerry Reigel           Scott Swisher       
  Jim Boyd                     Ron Wentling            Richard Boger         
  Robin Cannon               John Shrewsbury      Walt Klein     
Charlie Graham                 Bud Hissner               Janet Via
   Tim Worsham              Larry Moulton             Tom Kohr
Mike Cannon                    Bill Myers               Eileen Myers
  Justin Toto                       Joanne Smith              Sandra Pellegrini
Susan Robison                Richard Crawford          Mike Kauffman
  Randy Parker                   Jack Kohn                 Ron Wenger
Tenna Hibshman              Matt Mahek                 Ed Ditzler
Rand Lapp                       Holly Purcell                 Betty Feldman
  Don Gephart                   Frank Coaxum                Brad Saksek
Mike Miller                        David Feathers                    Bonnie Brown
Doug Howard                   Anthony Wenger                Brian Harris 
  Keith Harris                     Ian Markey                    Mike Henning      
Greg Schultz

Friday, April 17, 2015

SVC Top 10 points qualifiers.

These are the top 10 points qualifiers for 2015 The Flop Seasonal Venue Championships. You can still qualify from April 18th through April 23rd during Semi Finals by winning your table!

Frog's Hollow - Saturday

Ed Ditzler
Mike Cannon
Barb Anderson
Charlie Graham
Tom Kohr
Jerry Reigel
Robin Cannon
John Shrewsbury
Diane Miller
Kristin McLerran

       Plus Semi Finals Table winners on April 18th
                  Mike Miller
                  Nancy Wenger

The Buck Hotel - Tuesday

Barb Anderson
Ron Wentling
Jerry Reigel
Scott Swisher
Larry Moulton
Charlie Graham
Sandi Pellegrini
Rand Lapp
Tim Worsham
Tom Kohr

         Plus Semi Finals Table winners on April 21st
               Andi Earhart

Hershey Italian Lodge - Wednesday
Richard Boger
Bill Myers
Don Gephart
Janet Via
Justin Toto
Jack Kohn
Susan Robison
Eileen Myers
Doug Howard
Randy Parker

    Plus Semi Finals Table winners  on April 22nd
            Kristen Noren
            Todd Eiceman
            Richard Crawford
            Fahem Ahmed

Wetlands - Wednesday

Ron Wentling
Scott Swisher
Walt Klein
Ray Plummer
Brian Harris
Bonnie Brown
Sandi Pellegrini
Greg Schultz
John Shrewsbury
Jerry Reigel

       Plus Semi Finals Table winners on April 22nd

Frog's Hollow - Thursday

Ron Wenger
Ray Plummer
Jim Boyd
Barb Anderson
Scott Swisher
Joanne Smith
Tim Worsham
Bud Hissner
Jerry Reigel
Charlie Graham

         Plus Semi Finals Table winners  on April 23rd
                Larry Moulton

Monday, April 6, 2015

Important upcoming dates!!

Please be aware of some up coming dates!!

Saturday, April 11th   -   One night only!!!  Saturday's game will be moved from Frog's Hollow to The Buck Hotel in Jonestown for THIS NIGHT ONLY!!! The Buck Hotel will be hosting the game but it will be counted as Frog's Saturday night for points. Please remember that The Buck Hotel is a smoking-permitted bar but there is no smoking at the tables. Cracked Aces is sincerely appreciative to Melissa and The Buck Hotel for offering to host the game. Regular game time, Registration at 4pm, cards fly 4:30pm. Please call for late arrival.

Thursday, April 16   -   Last night for regular points for The Flop 2015.

Saturday April 18 - Thursday April 23rd SEMI FINALS - THE FLOP 2015  -  Top ten points leaders at each venue automatically qualify for the following weeks final but come out and win your table to be added to the finals.

Saturday April 25th - Thursday April 30th - FINALS - THE FLOP 2015 - Top ten points leaders at each venue plus previous weeks table winners to play for Seasonal Venue Championship. If you have not qualified for the finals, all venues will have a second game for bar prizes.

Good luck and see you at the tables!!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

3/5/15 Game at Frogs

Frogs Hollow has confirmed they will be open tonight and there will be a game. If you come out, please be careful.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3/3/15 Game canceled

Due to the bad weather, The Buck had canceled the game tonight. Please be safe.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hershey Italian Lodge - Monday game Finals

The following players have qualified for the HIL-Monday finals by placing in the top 10 points earners:

Janet Via
Richard Crawford
Eileen Myers
Jerry Reigel
David Feathers
Matt Mahek
Susan Robison
Mike Kauffman
Richard Boger
Bill Myers

These players have secured their place in the HIL-Monday finals.

March 2nd:  Semi-Finals - WIN YOUR TABLE night. Come out and win your table to add your name to the qualifiers. If you're in the top 10 already, come out to win your table to keep someone else from qualifying!  Individual table winners will then gather for final table and nightly prize.

March 9th:  Finals!!!!  Qualifiers will play for top place prize. Side game for all to play for bar prizes!! 

Finals winner will also be automatically qualified for the Spring Fling and end of year Tournament of Champions!  See you at the tables!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Change in Venue

Hershey Italian Lodge will be ending their hosting of our Monday night game as of March 9th. We will be doing an accelerated schedule as follows:

Monday, February 23rd - Last night for regular points
Monday, March 2nd  -  Semi Finals
Monday, March 9th  -  Finals

Since the venue did not run a complete trimester, finals and Spring Fling payouts may be affected.

Wednesdays game will not have any changes that impact players for regular games. Payout for finals may be affected. I will be actively searching for a new venue for Monday's. Please come out and support our venues to ensure the continuation of this awesome league made up of so many great people! See you at the tables!