Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Buck Hotel Kitchen Specials Tuesday 1/17/17

Kitchen specials tonight at the Buck

Tuesday 1/17/17

Taco Trio
Chili     Cup  $2.75  Bowl $4.25
Cheeseburger w/ chips $6.95

See you at the tables!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 Tournament of Champions!!

2016 Year End Tournament of Champions will be held Sunday, February 12, 2017 at Frog's Hollow Tavern.

Event Date: Sunday   2/12/17

Where: Frog's Hollow Tavern, Jonestown PA
                          Frog's will be serving their full menu in addition to breakfast specials that have been so popular at our previous tournaments.

Time: Registration begins at 11am
           You MUST be on premises and registered, or have been in contact Tammy, no later than 11:45am     to participate.
           Late arrivals WILL NOT BE permitted to play unless previous approval is given 24 hrs in advance of tournament.

Qualifying dates: 1/1/2016 thru 12/08/2016

Here are your 2016 TOC qualifiers:

Listed below are players that have qualified for this event:

  1. 1: x
  2. 2: Tim Worsham
  3. 3: Richard Boger
  4. 4: Barb Anderson
  5. 5: Sandra Pellegrini
  6. 6: Jerry Reigel
  7. 7: Mike Kauffman
  8. 8: Tom Kohr
  9. 9: Bud Hissner
  10. 10: Holly Purcell
  11. 11: Matt Mahek
  12. 12: Janet Via
  13. 13: Rand Lapp
  14. 14: Justin Toto
  15. 15: Jim Neidinger
  16. 16: Gary Gardner
  17. 17: Robin Cannon
  18. 18: Tenna Hibshman
  19. 19: Jim Boyd
  20. 20: Charlie Graham
  21. 21: Tito Rivera
  22. 22: Richard Crawford
  23. 23: Mary Shenigo
  24. 24: Sherry Smith
  25. 25: Jack Kohn
  26. 26: Ron Wentling
  27. 27: Russel Kinsey
  28. 28: Ray Plummer
  29. 29: Dustin Stover
  30. 30: Joan Mennella
  31. 31: Brian Ray
  32. 32: Betty Feldman
  33. 33: Larry Keefe
  34. 34: Don Gephart
  35. 35: Don Meily
  36. 36: Larry Moulton
  37. 37: Doug Howard
  38. 38: Marie Crawford
  39. 39: Ed Ditzler
  40. 40: Steve Saksek
  41. 41: Greg Schultz
  42. 42: Walt Klein
  43. 43: Todd Eiceman
  44. 44: Mike Cannon
  45. 45: Brad Saksek
  46. 46: Brian Harris
  47. 47: Randy Parker
  48. 48: Connie Lau
  49. 49: John Shrewsbury
  50. 50: Ron Wenger
  51. 51: Keith Harris
  52. 52: Mike Robinson
  53. 53: Mike Koerner
  54. 54: Susan Robison
  55. 55: Bob Teahl
  56. 56: Don Robison
  57. 57: Jackie Miller
  58. 58: Bill Fisher
  59. 59: Kevin McLerran
  60. 60: Nancy Wenger
  61. 61: Kristen McLerran
  62. 62: Tony Wenger

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Season starts tonight!!!

Welcome to The Flop 2017!!!

Tonight kicks off the beginning of the new season!!

Buck Hotel Kitchen Specials:

Tuesday 1/3/17

2 Chili cheese dogs w/1 side (fries, O-rings, tots...) $7.50 (dogs wrapped in bacon $8.25)
Taco Trio   Hard shell $3.25  Soft Shell $4.00
French Onion Soup Bowl w/ homemade croutons topped with provolone  $5.75

See you at the tables!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Special Holiday tournament

Sunday, January 8, 2017
Cracked Aces Poker and Frog's Hollow Restaurant and Tavern will be hosting a special game open to everyone sponsored by

Quick Freeze  -  Curing & Smoking
Sides of Beef & Pork  -  Customer Butchering
Eugene F Ditzler                                         162 Darkes Rd
717-865-4852                                 Jonestown, PA 17038


Ron's Truck Repair & Ron's Trailer Rental

Ron 717-821-6237   *   Matt 717-821-6236

$300 total cash payout. Top 3 finalist in chips, top bounty collector and best hand of the day all receive payouts !  This game will have no impact on the 2016 Tournament of Champion and is open to everyone. Pre-registration is  required directly with Tammy to ensure your seat. We will be capping this event at a maximum of 64 players. Pre-registered players will also receive an additional 3,000 in chips (8,000 starting stack) Unregistered players will start with 5,000 in chips. Sign in begins at 11:00am, announcements at 11:45am with game to start immediately after. You Must be signed in no later than 11:45am and in your seat before the start of announcements. No late arrivals will be permitted unless previously authorized by Tammy. If this event reaches full capacity, any no-shows by 11:45am will forfeit their seat, along with the additional 3.000 in extra starting chips and the seat will be given to any participant at the event that was put on the waiting list and is on premises at start of event.

You must pre-register by texting Tammy at 717-228-8747, thru the contact tab on CrackedAcesPoker.com or by email to tamster729@yahoo.com. Include your full name, phone number and the words "Register me"  You will receive a confirmation from me.

I cannot stress enough that pre-registration is required for the extra 3,000 in chips and you must be on site and signed in no later than 11:45am or your seat will be forfeited.

Thanks to all for a successful 2016 season. All venues are scheduled to continue their support for 2016.

Please watch this site for any updates or additional announcements!

See you at the tables!!!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The River 2016 Finals Qualifiers

Here are your top 10 finals qualifiers. These finalists cannot lose their place in next weeks finals. This weeks table winners during the semi-finals will be added to the finals which will be played 12/17-12/22/16.

Frog's Hollow - Saturday

Charlie Graham
Ed Ditzler
Tom Kohr                                     Table winners
Bud Hissner                                      Kevin McClerran
Barb Anderson                                  Tom Kohr
Mike Cannon                                      Mike Cannon
Nancy Wenger
Tim Worsham
Mary Shenigo
Jim Boyd

Buck Hotel - Tuesday

Tito Rivera
Tim Worsham
Jerry Reigel                                  Table winners
Mary Shenigo                                  Barb Anderson
Tom Kohr                                        Rand Lapp
Rand lapp
Mike Henning
Mike Koerner
Barb Anderson
Melinda White

Buck Hotel - Wednesday

Tenna Hibshman
Bud Hissner
Rand Lapp
Greg Schultz
Mary Shenigo
Tito Rivera
Tom Kohr
Larry Moulton
Tim Worsham
Jerry Reigel

Hershey Italian Lodge - Wednesday

Sandra Pellegini
Don Gephart
Gary Gardner               Added Table winners
Larry Keefe                      Mike Cannon
Richard Boger                   Randy Parker
Sue Bamford                    Jesse Heim
Brian Ray                           Larry Keefe
Matt Mahek                       Matt Mahek
Steve Saksek
Justin Toto

Frog's Hollow - Thursday

Tim Worsham
Ray Plummer
Barb Anderson
Chalie Graham
Sandra Pellegrini
Greg Schultz
Neil Umberger
Rand Lapp
Mike Koerner
Tito Rivera
Mike Kauffman
Richard Boger

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Semi finals start tonight !!!!

Come out and win your table!!

Saturday 12/20/16 through Thursday 12/15/16

See you at the tables!!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This weeks game schedule

Week of 11/21/16

Tueday - Buck Hotel --  Normal game
Wednesday - Buck Hotel  --  Normal game
Wednesday - Hershey Italian Lodge  --  Normal game

Thursday THANKSGIVING - Frog's Hollow     NO GAME

Saturday 11/26/16 Frog's Hollow    NO GAME