Monday, April 25, 2016

Finals start tonight!

These are the top 10 points qualifiers for 2016 The Flop Seasonal Venue Championships. If you did not make the finals, side games will be running at all regular games.

River House - Monday April 25, 2016

Richard Boger
Janet Via
Sadra Pellegrini
Bud Hissner
Lauren Metz
Gary Gardner
Mike Kauffman
Justin Toto
Connie Lau
Jim Richards
Matt Mahek
              Semi final table winners - Jerry Reigel, Smital Naik and Doug Howard

The Buck Hotel - Tuesday April 26, 2016

Ron Wentling
Tim Worsham
Brayden Confair
Peggy Confair
Tito Rivera
Tom Kohr
Greg Schultz
Larry Moulton
Rand Lapp
Jerry Reigel

     Plus Semi Finals Table winners Scott Swisher.

Hershey Italian Lodge - Wednesday  April 27, 2016
Jim Neidinger
Sherry Smith
Richard Crawford
Joan Mennella
Bill Myers
Gary Gardner
Brian Ray
Richard Boger
Janet Via
Jack Kohn

    Plus Semi Finals Table winners 
           Marie Crawford
           Matt Mahek
           Russell Kinney
           Debra Saksek
           Randy Parker

The Buck Hotel - Wednesday April 27, 2016

Brian Harris
Tom Kohr
Barb Anderson
Jerry Reigel
Rand Lapp
Keith Harris
Tim Worsham
Scott Swisher
Brayden Confair
Greg Schultz

       Plus Semi Finals Table winners Kevin McLerran

Frog's Hollow - Thursday  April 28, 2016

Barb Anderson
Dustin Stover
Ron Wenger
Ron Wentling
Sandra Pelligrini
Richard Boger
Ray Plummer
Tim Worsham
Tenna Hibshman
Walt Klein

         Plus Semi Finals Table winners  Jerry Reigel and Ian Markey

Frog's Hollow - Saturday  April 30, 2016

Ed Ditzler
Robin Cannon
Nancy Wenger
Barb Anderson
Sandra Pellegrini
Mike Cannon
Kevin McLerren
Anthony Wenger
Tim Worsham
Renee Wenger

       Plus Semi Finals Table winners on Larry Moulton

Sunday, April 3, 2016

2 weeks to go!!!!

April 16th is the last game for regular points!!!!

Only 2 weeks left to earn point for The Flop 2016!!!!  Come out and get those points! You want to be in the top 10 (or 11 if Mike or Tammy are in the top 10) at any venue to qualify for the Finals!! Overall standings for all venues will include the top 42 points earns or at least 2 qualified wins.

April 16th - 21st  -  Semi finals  Come out and win your table to qualify for the finals!!

April 23rd - 28th  -  Finals   Side game will be held for anyone who did not qualify. Everyone welcome!!

Any questions, please contact your tournament directors Mike or Tammy!!

Thank you to everyone for another great season!!!  See you at the tables!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Important dates

Can you believe it????? Only 4 weeks left to earn regular points until The Flop 2016 is finished!!!!

Frog's Hollow - March 26th (evening before Easter Sunday)  We will be playing regular game.

Last day for regular points  -   April 16th, 2016

Semi Fianls (Win your table)  -  April 18th - 23rd, 2016

Seasonal Venue Championships (Finals)  (Top 10 points leaders at each venue plus previous weeks table winners -  April 25th - April 30th

Spring Fling ($300 cash payout) - Top 42 overall point earners for The Flop 2016 Plus winners of Finals week. Date to be determined.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.  See you at the tables!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2/16. Buck kitchen special

The Buck Hotel has sausage sandwiches with Peppers and onions on special tonight.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday February 15th River House Game

Due to the anticipated inclement weather, River House has canceled this evenings game. Please be safe if you are traveling.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday 2/9/16 GAME CANCELED

Hello everyone,

The Buck Hotel has cancelled tonights game due to weather.  Please keep checking for any updates.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No kitchen tonight at The Buck.

We are having the game at the buck tonight, but kitchen will not be available.